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About our company

About MIME

We are situated in one of the most Luxurious 5 Star hotels in Dubai, The Conrad Hotel which is directly opposite World Trade Centre, housing the entrance of the Exhibition Centre.

In essence, we are your one stop solutions service provider for introduction of your Italian products authentically Made In Italy and providing a gateway to the Middle East.

Considering our knowledgeable Management Team have in excess of 10 years combined experience in business development in UAE, you need not send any staff and reduce your operating expenses.

Our local partner is one of the leading local families in United Arab Emirates being The Galadari Group, who happens to be one the largest distributors in the Middle East across all spectrums of industry.

Save time

MIME simplifies your process and introduction to Dubai and greater Middle East with the least amount of effort and costs to you. On signature, you have immediate access to present your product to a profile of sourced clients we will present to you.
You not only save time and we mean in excess of 4 months for set-up of Trade licence plus many Other logistical challenges new companies face in Dubai, your also save huge amounts of money.
Time is Money!

Growing business

Growth and expansion of your product is instant as Dubai & Middle East have immediate access to the importing of yours. This facilitates the waiting process for the meeting of clients, selling your product ordering, delivery and payment.
For growth to be constant, you require a partner that best understand your brand, product and the size of Growth you expect within a given period. We have contracted The Fresh Ideas Business Consultants who will assist MIME in ensuring your product receives the maximum growth possible in given time.

24/7 support

With MIME as your partner, you have 24 hours support on

  • Checking on delivery of your products.
  • Dealing with clients complaints.
  • Ensuring payment is met on your behalf.
  • Enhancing & representing you to clients thus increasing rapport in your absence.
  • Increasing product visibility without you incurring costs by sending promoters.